First thing’s first. There is no way in the world you’d be reading my words and seeing these pictures were it not for a team, literally, team of people who love me and show it by their sacrifices and gifts for me. Therefore, I must make them publically celebrated before I dive into a blog.

To my love and best friend, Ryan. He is an oak. He is a giver. He makes me better. He also makes stuff. Check out his genius on Facebook: Another Man’s Treasure.

To my brother and genius web developer, James Simon. The tireless hours of work to develop this site and carry out the most sophisticated of technologies because he believes in us and wants us to succeed. Need help? Email him.

To my sister-in-law and huge encourager, Katy Simon. She has given her husband up to my disposal to make this happen, and that’s no little sacrifice. She has her own little side shop up on Etsy. Check her out.

To my graphic designer and crazy good multi-tasker, Rae Friis.   Seriously, look her up. She’s amazing.

To my distant friend via social media, Promise Tangeman, who let me borrow her design skills to inspire this site.

To my professional hero and encouragement, Ariella Chezar. The few times we’ve been able to share have carried huge implications and inspiration for this change. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful grace.


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