Many have asked what our home looks like.  Though it’s the wrong season, and perhaps seemingly narcissistic, we do have a smattering of images of our little rental.  Our home sweet rented home.

Apartment Therapy


We’re often asked to define our style.  This a quite a difficult task, as I have no idea how to fit in random, aged, and purposeful into more attractive words.  But there you have it:  We live in spaces that are usually minuscule, so everything we own must have a purpose.  Or it must be USED in some way.  The decorations for decoration’s sake are usually fresh, but even then they’re either leftover flowers, or they’re produce.  Which we use throughout the week in our cooking.

Apartment Therapy 23

Apartment Therapy 2

Also, our decor and style is a slow building up of memories and treasures throughout our experiences and adventures. This brings story and character. We love character in our spaces.  Color. Character. Imperfections.  Trees.  Light.  Interest.  Old stuff.  Restoration.

Apartment Therapy 16

Yes.  I said trees.  These are our fabulous birch trees that we couldn’t fully decorate without.  They actually inspired a wedding a couple years ago.  We like our little outdoor indoor sanctuary.  We also like our “nurffice”  This is our nursery/office/closet of fancy clothes, which we never need to access anymore, now that we went from a family of two to a family of three.

But, yes, this is our little 770 square foot home.  Minus the bathroom, and a few hallway inches.  We love it. We can clean the whole place in about 10 minutes.  We can heat it by lighting a candle.  We can’t get lost. This is always a plus.

So, here’s our style.  Like you can live in it.  And that’s what we do.  We use this house as a transformer of sorts.  When there’s a wedding, the entire house turns into a wedding station.  When we host a party, it’s a party pad.  When we have a sleep over, the whole house becomes one giant tent for the nieces and nephews.  When we eat dinner (which is usually a daily happening), the whole place smells like dinner  (this is not so nice, btw).   But it’s life.  And we love it.


Thank you to Andie Powers for the awesome photography.

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