Among the cool things I find myself doing, one of them is creating and hosting dinner parties. Until recently, our house was the size of a postage stamp,  and although charming for a couple and a baby, it was an extremely tight squeeze. Needless to say, hosting has been quite difficult. For years,  Ryan and I end up eating gourmet food by ourselves.  (You’ll just have to take my word for it). However, recently I was commissioned to create the food/wine, and ambiance for a dynamic monthly gathering of professional women.  Landing here has become a happy surprise, and serving food to those I care about and those I’m just meeting is only the surface of the richness that we all experience.




For more info on eating good food and contributing in stimulating discussions, read below at the attached blurb on this Professional Women’s Salon, facilitated by the very intriguing Carissa Morris. 


Where I am every third Monday of the month:

Professional Women’s Salon 
3rd Mondays, 6pm-8:30 pm

WeWork, 500 Yale Ave N, 98109

This is a discussion group for women in all walks of work for support, advice, and collaboration on their careers and professional development.  We’ve discussed mentorship, advancement, trope management, fashion, gender presentation, and leadership, as examples.  We’ve tested out talk ideas, reviewed papers, prepped each other for interviews, coached each other for negotiations, and generally laughed ourselves silly at every gathering.  Our conversations are moderated, but all ideas and suggestions are welcome.  RSVPs requested.

Chat with me if you’re interested. You’ll love it.


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