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It’s June, so naturally the blueberries are green.  And naturally I’d swipe them to use them in a very unique, very cool wedding out in Leavenworth.  Brett + Stephen were a really cool couple, with a very cool story, and while I never did much planning with Brett, I did enjoy a meal with her, and fell in love very quickly.  She’s an adventurer.  She’s a doctor.  She’s into dinosaurs.  She knows her mind.  I loved getting to put this sweet wedding together for her and her love, Stephen, with the saintly mother-in-law who lined it all up, Kathleen.








Photo credits:  Maija Karin Photography

Venue:  Pine River Ranch



Floral Crown Workshop

15_0317_teressa_COM_9447A picture is worth a thousand words… we’ve all heard it.  We’ve all proved it.  I’m going to prove it again, with the work from my lovely photography friend Angela.  She has an uncanny ability to capture way more than a photo.  She captures emotion.  She captures the light behind one’s eyes.  She works like a ninja behind her camera.  She has found her delight at we all benefit from it.




In preparation for our upcoming floral crown workshop, she shot a few pics of me and my darling girl, Caroline.  She also hijacked a beauty goddess with her daughters, (well, really it is just her sister-in-law but she looks like an ethereal creature to me).





This is what she’s offering for our workshop.  Heirloom quality portraits of love and depth between mother and daughter.  This is going to be a fantastic experience, and all the people I love now and will love later should join us.


This will be a hands-on, how to, and inspiring workshop in a small group setting.  All ages welcome.  And you don’t have to be a mother or a daughter to attend.  It’s open to anyone interested in getting their hands on something creative and beautiful.

Portrait sessions from Angela include about 10 high res images in an online gallery, similar to the examples seen here.


Saturday, May 16th


Bemis Building, Seattle.


Adults: $35. Children + infants:  $15

Photography session (optional):  $85

Send us a message to RSVP with the following info:

-number and ages of attendees

-RSVP for photography session



Here’s a question:  Have you ever made a floral crown before?  No?  Didn’t think so.  Most people don’t get to answer yes to that question.  Here’s another question:  When’s the last time you girls have been able to steal away for a couple hours to be with your mama or your daughter?  To be creative?  To get your hands into something and work side by side?

A friend of mine challenged me to host a workshop to usher in Easter and Spring, and give mamas and daughters a chance to surround themselves with inspiration and beautiful, sensory indulgences.  How could I resist?  How can you resist?  Doesn’t it sound sublime?


At the end of the workshop, we’ll be offering a sweet portrait photo shoot by Angela Carlyle.  This woman is amazing, and, guys I’m tell you, her work is breathtaking.  There will be an example of what’s included in this studio session on this blog post in about a week.  Her package includes an un-intimidating photo shoot with an online gallery of 10 or so high res. images for you to have and hold.

For now, enjoy these shots of sweet Noe from our other incredibly talented friend, Psalm Oines, and get excited about a mother + daughter date.

Space is limited, but drop a line if you’re interested.

Date:  Saturday, April 4th

Location:  Bemis Building, Seattle

All ages welcome.  Lunch, beverages, and inspiration provided.

15_0127_golden_gardens_COM_00846 15_0130_golden_gardens_COM_01055I think we Pacific Northwesterners should receive special recognition for our fearless, relentless, and reckless approach to life for the sake of art.  For the sake of the photo.  For the sake of an outdoor birthday pool party in pouring down rain mid-July.  The things we do because the show must go on…  This day was bananas.  Rain. Drizzle.  Wind.  Postage stamp size of blue shining through pregnant clouds.  Studio? Beach?  Studio?  Beach?


Props to Ingalisa for modeling in the drizzly, cold January sand for all of us to benefit from the unmatched work of Angela and Evan Photography.  We had a vision, and we couldn’t carry it out the same in a studio.  And she understood.  She modeled through her chill in order to deliver images for all to enjoy.  And look at the results!!!











A moody, misty, twilight type inspiration photo shoot to whet your appetite to hear the story of this bride. She’s aloof.  She’s confident.  She’s alone.  She’s contemplative.  She’s mysterious.  What an honor to be included in this team of fantastic visionaries, creators, and cohorts.


The talent:

Model:  Ingalisa Wickstrom

Photography:  Angela and Evan

Make-up Artist:  Kay Matthews

Dress Designer:  Phuong Minh Nguyen

Floral Design:  Yours truly


IMG_5689_2It was a success ladies and gentlemen!  Thank you for joining us!  It went so well, we’re doing it again! Check us out for May 9th, right before Mother’s Day.  Same fantastic place, WeWork, in South Lake Union. I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of my team:  Ashley Genevieve, Andrea Dwinell, baby Camille, and of course, the unsung hero, Ryan.  We were so busy that day, we never even got organized.  The flowers were too pretty though, so it didn’t matter.








Let’s be honest, for various reasons, most of you would rather stare a lion in the face than approach the thought of Valentines Day giving. You are not pathetic, you just might need a little help in wooing your women. Don’t despair. There is help.

Let me help you.

Pre-order a sweet bouquet or arrangement via email, or pick one up on Friday the 13th between 12-6 at our Pop-Up Flower Shop located in the WeWork foyer and take it home to her. This is an example of a good idea.

BUT, here’s the redeeming part- Don’t tell her it’s for Valentine’s Day. Tell her it’s for Happy I Love You Day. AND DO IT MANY TIMES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR (I can help with that too). If she’s not into flowers, don’t buy her flowers. Do for her, or gather for her, something that means something. And do it often. This is sage advice. It’s tried and true, and the points in your favor will soar.

Cost benefit ratio: $75 = better than sleeping on the couch.

Interested in this surefire idea? Contact me before Feb. 11th to receive $10 off your pre-order. Visit us at for more info.


Examples above are only examples. A large variety will be available, and anything can be customized upon pre-order. Pricing is as follows: “Crème de la crème”—$125. “Major Brownie Points”—$75. “Cherry on Top”—$25. Bouquets start at $35.


Among the cool things I find myself doing, one of them is creating and hosting dinner parties. Until recently, our house was the size of a postage stamp,  and although charming for a couple and a baby, it was an extremely tight squeeze. Needless to say, hosting has been quite difficult. For years,  Ryan and I end up eating gourmet food by ourselves.  (You’ll just have to take my word for it). However, recently I was commissioned to create the food/wine, and ambiance for a dynamic monthly gathering of professional women.  Landing here has become a happy surprise, and serving food to those I care about and those I’m just meeting is only the surface of the richness that we all experience.




For more info on eating good food and contributing in stimulating discussions, read below at the attached blurb on this Professional Women’s Salon, facilitated by the very intriguing Carissa Morris. 


Where I am every third Monday of the month:

Professional Women’s Salon 
3rd Mondays, 6pm-8:30 pm

WeWork, 500 Yale Ave N, 98109

This is a discussion group for women in all walks of work for support, advice, and collaboration on their careers and professional development.  We’ve discussed mentorship, advancement, trope management, fashion, gender presentation, and leadership, as examples.  We’ve tested out talk ideas, reviewed papers, prepped each other for interviews, coached each other for negotiations, and generally laughed ourselves silly at every gathering.  Our conversations are moderated, but all ideas and suggestions are welcome.  RSVPs requested.

Chat with me if you’re interested. You’ll love it.


This November, I was honored to join a photographer friend, Emily Louise Photography, and arrange flowers for an inspiration shoot in Eastern Washington.  I was totally blown away by the location.  The environment was a vision, and the flowers to go with were, well, dreamy.  Enjoy this incredible visual oasis.








TJS- Ellensburg cake

TJS- Ellensburg Invites

Photography and Styling by SAMANTHA MCFARLEN PHOTOGRAPHY and EMILY LOUISE PHOTOGRAPHY | Floral Design by TERESSA JOHNSON STUDIO | Wedding Cakedesigned by LUSH DESSERTS BY AMY | Calligraphy by WILD INK WORKS | Wedding Dress designed by CASABLANCA BRIDAL | Groom’s Attire by EXPRESS | Bridal Hair and Makeup by The Beauty Mark | Submission via TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS

Winter is always a funny time of year to think about fresh flowers, as most of the time we look outside and see nothing but cold, uninviting barrenness.  But, with that coolness, comes the great opportunity to juxtapose warm with cold.  Color with bland.  Monochromatic texture with pops of early sunrises.  It turned out to be spectacular.  The only unfortunate thing is the amount of people who have ever seen these images are limited to three, and I’d like to change that.  Happy Anniversary, Brian and Michelle!  Xoxo







Photo Credit:  Julie Harmsen Photography

Venues: Seattle Church of Christ , Melrose Market Studios


The perfect crisp fall season might have just passed, but the memory of this beautiful day still lives on.  Dear friends now, after an interesting turn of events for me personally, TJ and Beth Jefferies celebrate their wedding day by gathering all their loved ones and having a great gorgeous barn party.  Soak up the latent skies before they open and burst forth the forever rain, now till June.

TJ-1 TJ-2 TJ-3 TJ-4 TJ-5 TJ-6 TJ-7 TJ-8 TJ-9 TJ-10

Photo Credits:  Psalm Oines Photography

Venue:  Pine River Ranch

Month of Year:  October